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Psychological assessments are important for understanding a person's personality and emotional well-being. At the Cambridge Psychology Centre, our team of psychologists, psychological assistants, and psychotherapists use evidence-based techniques to understand and offer valuable insights into a person’s behaviour or clarify an existing diagnosis.

Effective Psychological Assessments

Psycho-educational assessments - NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME

Psycho-educational assessments offer information about a person's intelligence, school skills, and learning style. They can determine if someone has a learning disability, as well as with Identification, Placement and Review Committees (IPRC).

Rehabilitation assessments

Rehabilitation assessments provide a full picture of a person's emotional state and understanding of their ability to cope with ongoing pain and physical impairments. They are often required after a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, or other events resulting in a serious injury.

Insurer examinations - NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME

Insurer examinations provide answers to insurance queries about a person's psychological functioning, including personality, emotional distress, pain, and/or overall functioning. They can determine matters such as a person's need for psychological treatment or a person's capacity to return to work.

General Assessments

General assessments are often needed for many different reasons. By providing a general assessment we are able to gain valuable insights. These are often conducted when someone is referred by their doctor or looking for a second opinion.

Why Should I Get A Psychological Assessment?

Every person has a range of competencies that we can evaluate through a number of psychological methods. An assessment provides valuable insights into a person's behaviour, skills, thoughts and personality. At the Cambridge Psychology Centre, our staff uses psychological assessments to determine the best evidence-based treatment for your personal situation. Sometimes, as in the case with Rehabilitation Assessments or Insurer Examinations, they can be necessary before other actions can further. However, these assessments can also help clients understand themselves better and advance therapeutic goals to manage or overcome trauma, anxiety, depression, and family issues.

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