Anxiety can take many forms, including nervousness, worry, panic, fears and avoidance, repetitive behaviours, and negative reactions to traumatic experiences. If not treated, anxiety can become a chronic state of severe worry and tension. The Cambridge Psychology Centre helps children, adolescents, and adults struggling with the effects of anxiety. We also handle anxiety related to the trauma faced by military personnel, front-line workers, and first responders.

Secure Information

Trust is important. Cambridge Psychology Centre treats all information, both personal medical needs and revelations from therapy, with security and sensitivity. No information will be shared with a third party without your informed consent in advance.

Effective & Professional

All our work uses evidence-based psychology care in professional sessions that put the client’s needs first. We help people develop skills and learn the right techniques for their needs.

Personalized Therapy

No two patients are alike. We offer every client a custom-tailored approach that meets their unique anxiety treatment needs.

How We Work With Anxiety

The Cambridge Psychology Centre’s team works to help people manage and overcome anxiety problems. Our psychologists, psychological associates, and psychotherapists help each client achieve a sense of control over feelings of panic and helplessness, helping them learn to worry and ruminate less and change repetitive or compulsive behaviours. A variety of therapeutic techniques may be used, from relaxation training and mindfulness or calming techniques to behavioural strategies and other problem-solving approaches. Every member of our team that helps with anxiety-related issues is trained in diagnosing anxiety disorders and teaching patients healthier, more effective ways to cope. We also treat those in some of the community’s more difficult jobs, including healthcare workers, police officers, correctional officers, and others on the front lines of society who are susceptible to anxiety-related issues as a result of their work.

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