Depression is a serious issue that can affect any person, no matter what their age or background. Research shows that it very clearly impacts thoughts and feelings, interfering with a person’s satisfaction, work, and ability to function in relationships. The Cambridge Psychology Centre uses techniques and sensitivity to diagnose the issue and help the client overcome the effects of depression in their life.

Secure Information

Trust is important. Cambridge Psychology Centre treats all information, both personal medical needs and revelations from therapy, with security and sensitivity. No information will be shared with a third party without your informed consent in advance.

Effective & Professional

All our work uses evidence-based psychology care in professional sessions that put the client’s needs first. We help people develop skills and learn the right techniques for their needs.

Personalized Therapy

No two patients are alike. We offer every client a custom-tailored approach that meets their unique treatment needs.

How We Help Clients With Depression

Cambridge Psychology Centre is a team of psychologists, psychological associates, and psychotherapists who help clients overcome the problems related to depression. Every member of our team that deals with depression can assess and show the client evidence-based strategies to handle how their condition affects their life. We can help to determine where the depressive problems may be coming from and examine how someone's ways of thinking might influence their experience. Our team of clinicians also helps those who are developing depression or depressive episodes from their occupation. This includes veterans, active members of the military, healthcare workers, police officers, correctional officers, and other essential service workers.

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