Front-Line Workers

Front-line workers are getting the attention and recognition they deserve. However, it’s not enough to receive recognition; many who work in essential services also need help with the new psychological strains they are facing. The Cambridge Psychology Centre team works with many first responders in a wide range of industries, treating them with sensitivity and discretion.

Secure Information

Trust is important. Cambridge Psychology Centre treats all information, both personal medical needs and revelations from therapy, with security and sensitivity. No information will be shared with a third party without your informed consent in advance.

Effective & Professional

All our work uses evidence-based psychology care in professional sessions that put the client’s needs first. We help people develop skills and learn the right techniques for their needs.

Personalized Therapy

Front-line workers come from many walks of life. We offer every client a custom-tailored approach that meets the unique treatment needs of everyone who comes to us for help.

Trauma Therapy For Front-Line Workers

More members of the workforce are considered front-line workers now. Healthcare staff will likely be exposed to many potentially traumatic events and events leading to significant distress and moral suffering. But even other essential workers, like grocery store clerks and farmworkers, can be forced to handle traumatic experiences. The daily stressors of handling essential work with the constant threat of illness - not to mention having to handle those who do not appreciate their work - can create psychological stress. The team of psychologists at Cambridge Psychology Centre uses tailored, personal services to help those in need of therapy. No one should have to tough out their mental stressors, especially now; we make sure no front-line worker goes it alone.

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