First Responders

Cambridge Psychology Centre can help first responders overcome the effects of the regular psychological stresses they face on the job. Most of our clients work in these fields, and our full-service clinic is equipped to help any first responders with their unique problems. We understand how medical workers, police officers and firefighters face potentially traumatic incidents in their routines, which, added together, these traumas can take a severe toll on mental health and well-being.

Secure Information

Trust is important. Cambridge Psychology Centre treats all information, both personal medical needs and revelations from therapy, with security and sensitivity. No information will be shared with a third party without your informed consent in advance.

Effective & Professional

All our work uses evidence-based psychology care in professional sessions that put the client’s needs first. We help people develop skills and learn the right techniques for their needs.

Personalized Therapy

There are many kinds of first responders, all of whom are doing important, challenging work every day. We offer every client a custom-tailored approach that meets the unique treatment needs of everyone who comes to us for help.

Trauma Therapy For First Responders

First responders have a unique role in society; they have the training and experience to help at the scene of an emergency. Law enforcement officers, healthcare workers, and firefighters have to respond to both powerful incidents like accidents, natural disasters, crimes, surgeries, deaths, and other violent events, but also come into contact with repetitive experiences such as child abuse, neglect, combat or urban violence. These incidences can have a psychological impact that, over time, prevents workers in these fields from doing their jobs effectively. The Cambridge Psychology Centre uses techniques based on the best evidence available.

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